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Raised to the power of Mirman

Raised to the power of Mirman

Dear Friends:

In May 2014, forty committed stakeholders of the Mirman School gathered together to identify and codify the thoughts, vision, and specific commentary of the Mirman community in an effort to develop a blueprint that would define the next three years of strategic institutional development for the school. Building off of the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan, our planning committee, comprised of trustees, administration, faculty, parents, and alumni, drew from our recent strategic planning survey coupled with the direct experiences and perspectives of many of those present. Our charge was to identify and define key strategic goals demanding school-wide focus, analysis, and, ultimately, resources to transform our goals into a reality.

Our two days together were inspiring, affirming, and at times, challenging, as Mirman remains an institution of great potential and possibilities. Ultimately, what began in May is reflected here today in this plan that identifies five broad over-arching goals and their related implementation components.

As leaders of the school administration and the governing body, we recognize and embrace our responsibility to ensure the successful realization of our stated goals and the accompanying strategies. We believe, however, that the full community benefits from and deserves the opportunity to contribute to our ambitious agenda. To this end, we are distributing our Board approved plan in hopes that you will find areas of interest and/or opportunities to engage with us as we work collectively to move the Mirman school forward and upward.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the extremely high response rate on our survey, and we assure you that your voices were heard. We also wish to thank our committee members listed on page 17 for their time in planning for and participating in this seminal moment in Mirman’s history. We are so appreciative to be part of such a committed and capable cadre of staff and volunteers.


Dan Vorenberg
Head of School

Susan Berman, Ph.D
Past Chair, Board of Trustees