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Raised to the power of Mirman

Raised to the power of Mirman

Carlo Reyes

Network/Systems Administrator

Carlo Reyes joined the Mirman School in June of 2013 as the Network and Systems Administrator. He earned a B.S. degree from Purdue University in Information Technology.

Before joining Mirman, Carlo was the sole IT person for a school supporting over 100 people, administration and several remote locations. He acted as the main liaison between the school and all technology vendors associated to that school. Carlo was instrumental in transforming the technological environment into an efficient and effective workflow. He also has experience in the corporate world as a Systems Administrator for a large retail chain. That experience allowed him to be immersed in a variety of technological environments with a variety of different systems. It also allowed him to be quick and resourceful to meet the demands of the Mirman Technology department.

In his current role, he is responsible for maintaining and administering all technological aspects of the school. He interacts with the students, teachers and administration to ensure that their laptops, classrooms and offices are in working order.

Carlo is also a world traveler. He has been to several countries such as The Philippines, Germany, Japan and Korea. He taught ESL for two years in Kamigoto, Japan and helped start a solid curriculum that was absent in that area. He was also a main instructor in yearly seminars for the Japanese English teachers in Kamigoto.

Outside of school, Carlo is involved in Taekwondo in which he currently holds a 2nd degree black belt. He was a part time Taekwondo instructor during his time at Purdue.