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Raised to the power of Mirman

Raised to the power of Mirman

Gian Molero

Upper School Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Gian Molero is originally from Venezuela. She earned her B.A. in Elementary Education from the Loyola University in Caracas, where she spent five years as a student representative and graduated magna cum laude.

In 2007, she obtained a master's degree in General Education from Loyola Marymount University. She graduated with a GPA of 4.0 and was chosen to be the “Student of the Year.” Mrs. Molero was the sole student from her graduating class recommended to take a Doctoral Program class, in which she earned an A+. Additionally, she was invited to be part of the Honorary Society of Education, Kappa Delta Pi.

She received training designed at Harvard University for coaching social leaders, and served as an instructor for those subjects at a University-level honorary class, as well as in some rural Venezuelan towns. She took a two-year training course on Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution, and today is the Pedagogical Consultant for the International Dispute Resolution Research Network of the University of St. Thomas.

In her home country, Mrs. Molero served as the General Coordinator of a Civic Education workshop in five inner city public schools, and she supervised a Mayor’s Office project for returning dropouts to schools in Caracas, Venezuela. She was Curriculum Designer of the high school program of Social Participation at the most prestigious private school in her country as well as an Elementary teacher.

In recent years, Mrs. Molero became a certified Montessori teacher. At Exploring Minds Montessori Preschool in Los Angeles, she worked as a room teacher and taught Spanish as a Second Language. During this five-year period, she developed a joyful, engaging, and challenging methodology that allowed her students to love the language and the learning of it.

Outside of school, listening to music and experiencing all kinds of natural sites are among her favorite pastimes, which she loves to share with her husband and children.