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Raised to the power of Mirman

Raised to the power of Mirman

Leonardo Matos

Athletics Coach

Leonardo Matos is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During his career as a semi-pro soccer player, he played for CEFET/RJ (Futsal), Clube de Regatas do Flamengo and Botafogo Futebol e Regatas (Beach Soccer). He stopped his career to attend Senac Rio University, where he graduated with a degree in environmental sciences and management in 2014.

While in college, he remained connected to soccer a casual player as well as a trainer. He has a US ‘’E’’ License, graduated as Soccer Manager from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Academy Brazil as well as coached on numerous occasions in Brazil and in Los Angeles for PSG Academy. He is also the Soccer Director of Coach Derek Inc., where he is responsible for the development and training of the soccer program.

For Coach Leo, Soccer is more than just a sport: it's the love between the child and the ball. That means it's important to feel the game. He believes soccer reaches its full potential when it goes beyond the tactical and the creativity that exists in each one of us is ignited. Coach Leo believes that the key to ignite this creativity is with patience and encouragement. Each individual develops in their own time. His mission is to create a positive environment, help your child to explore this creativity in the sport through fun, discipline, respect for others and teaching all aspects of the game.

Coach Leo is certified as a Double-Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons through the Positive Coaching Alliance.