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Raised to the power of Mirman

Raised to the power of Mirman

Brendan Wynn

Team Sports Coach

Coach Brendan has played soccer in four different continents in multiple countries around the globe, making countless friends through the sport. He played in both the 1998 and 1999 5A State Finals in Colorado, and played on a Division 1 college team as a starter in the left back position at the University of Denver. Recently, he has been working with AYSO select youth teams for the fall of 2014, 2015, 2016. My spring season has been with LAGSB where my stepson Hunter plays and one of the reasons I love coaching.

Here is my Philosophy

Very simply: (1) Enjoyment. I recognize that there are many other activities kids could be doing, so the number 1 priority is to retain the players in the sport; (2) Develop high-quality soccer players, emphasizing long-term development at the younger ages instead of the “win now” mentality favored by some youth sports clubs; (3) Compete at high levels of play as teams get older.