COVID-19 Update

Out of an abundance of caution concerning COVID-19, Mirman School is shifting to remote learning protocols as of Monday, March 16, and will reopen on-campus operations no sooner than April 27.

We understand that unplanned, prolonged school closure can cause challenges for our families and students. Apart from challenges of remote learning, another concern is how to productively fill time at home and support childrens’ social needs in the absence of their usual daily routines and relationships. To that end, we’ve put together a resource list for families (culled from this crowdsourced list) to address some of the complexities of the social-emotional and technological lives of children during this time. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and each family must make its own decision about what works best for them. Mirman School does not maintain these resources, nor do we necessarily endorse their affiliate links.

Health and Safety

Talking to Kids About COVID-19

Parenting a Distance Learner

Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness

Activities and Extracurriculars

Spring Break

Drawing and comic-creating prompts from Jarrett Lerner (Enginerds)