Bus Interest Form

Submit your interest now for the 2018-2019 School Year!

Please complete and submit the form below by Friday, April 27, 2018. This is not a commitment, but rather an inquiry to see how we might best serve you!

Questions? Email [email protected] or call 310-775-8418

Proposed Stops (Final routes/stops determined based on forms received)

Review the routes below and select the one that is the best option for your family.

We are in the planning stages for a bus starting in Glendale and traveling down Ventura Boulevard through Studio City and Sherman Oaks. More information to follow.

  1. Bronson & Franklin
  2. June & Second
  3. Las Palmas & Second (PM only)
  4. Elm & Gregory Way
  5. Cheviot Hills Rec Center (PM only)
  6. Beverly Drive Corner (AM only)
  7. Will Rogers Memorial Park (PM only- Across from Beverly Hills Hotel)
  8. Holmby Park (Comstock & Club View)

  1. Mesmer/Major (AM on Santa Monica route)
  2. Centinela & Venice Boulevard (PM only)
  3. Sunset/Swarthmore
  4. Sunset/Minorca (AM only)
  5. Sunset/Napoli (PM only)
  6. Bristol/Bristol Circle (AM: South side of Sunset, PM: North side of Sunset)
  7. Westgate/Chaparal (AM only - Southwest corner)
  8. Sunset/Saltair (PM only)
  9. Sunset/Woodburn (PM only)
  10. Bellagio/Moraga (Chevron Station)

  1. Mesmer/Major (CVS Sidewalk- PM on Sunset route)
  2. Centinela & Venice Boulevard (AM only)
  3. Pico/Barrington (AM: MTA Gas Station NE Corner, PM: SW Corner)
  4. Pico/26th (AM only)
  5. Pico/24th (PM only)
  6. Pico/21st (AM only)
  7. Pico/20th (PM only)
  8. Pico/14th (City Bus Stop) (AM: NE corner, PM: Pico at 14th)
  9. San Vicente/11th (AM only)
  10. Carlyle/11th (PM only)
  11. Carlyle/20th (PM only)
  12. Carlyle/24th (PM only)
  13. San Vicente/Bristol (AM only)
  14. San Vicente/Anita (PM only)
  15. San Vicente/Bundy
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