Alumna, Judge Charlaine Olmedo '77-'79 speaks to a group of Upper School students during LEAP

03/09/18 02:09:pm
| Category: Special Guests

Charlaine Olmedo '77-79 is a Superior Court Judge for Los Angeles County. She is currently assigned to complex criminal/high security/long cause criminal court. She spoke to our students about the importance of thorough decision making and perseverance. She said, "decisions can help or hurt your future opportunities. Work hard and don't let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams." Charlaine told the students that she knew she wanted to be a Judge by the time she was 8 and in her Upper School 4 graduation speech at Mirman she told the audience that her goal was to become a Judge. She vividly recalls the audience laughing when she said that because they didn't think Charlaine knew that she had to become a lawyer before being a Judge. That was the first of many times that people tried to convince her to pursue another career path. She also explained to the students that the majority of Judges, to this day, are men so she has always had to work extremely hard to prove her worth.

She also spoke to the students about the field of law, how to prepare for a career in law, and what her experience has been like with her career as a Superior Court Judge. She has served as a Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Los Angeles for the majority of her career as a criminal judge. The students were fascinated by the stories she shared about what it is like to investigate and prosecute gang murders, prison gangs, and organized crime groups.

Charlaine will be joining us again at Mirman School for a series of 2 -3 sessions in our Upper School history classes.