Alumni Speaker Series: Eric Bollens '94-'03

03/17/15 01:51:pm
| Category: Alumni

Alumnus Eric Bollens captured the imaginations of Mr. Jeffery Flagg's Innovation Design Lab students on February 25. He returned to campus to talk about his journey from a Mirman School student to being the Chief Technological Officer of a funded start-up.

Eric operates at the intersection of technology and business. He doesn't just write code, he does things like algorithm design, complex system science, pedological software development, community development, business planning, brand marketing, intellectual property, investment, and finance.

As Eric tells the students,

Tech isn't about tech. Tech is about what you do with it.

Upper School 3 students Ian R. and Aiden T. took a lot out of Eric's talk. Ian mentioned that he found the crossover between business and technology to be very interesting, and Aiden was delighted to discover how computer science and programming can be used in so many different professional fields.

Eric Bollens recently took the position of Chief Technology Officer at Cloudcompli. He was formerly the Open Source Architect at UCLA. He is an entrepreneur, open source advocate, investor, and community activist.