Alumni Speaker Series: Marc Mitchell '82-'90

04/08/15 04:11:pm
| Category: Alumni

Entrepreneur's come in different forms, but there are common threads between them: they take risks, they dream big, and they dream often. Sometimes they fail, but they pick themselves up and keep going. They learn from their success, and they learn from their mistakes.

US1 student Justin Y. particularly connected with Marc's statements regarding failure as a part of growth. He felt that the presentation was "empowering" and that it motivates him to "reach for the stars."

Marc also emphasized the importance of mentorship, noting the valuable lessons he has learned from two of his mentors, President of New York University John Sexton, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Following the session, students were seen putting their new-found knowledge into action, by approaching Marc to exchange contact information.

Prior to starting Lootsie, Marc Mitchell was COO of UrbanDaddy and COO of SRC/Universal Records. He serves on the Board of Advisors for Refinery29 and was recently named by Built In LA as “One of 5 Los Angeles CEOs Whose Names You Should Know.” Marc received his JD from NYU and his AB from Stanford.