​ Alumnus Deron Quon joins us at an all school assembly

11/29/17 02:27:pm
| Category: Alumni

Deron Quon came back to campus to speak with students at an all school assembly on November 29, 2017 about the importance of geography.

Geography is near and dear to Deron's heart! He recounts his experience as a student in Room 4 at Mirman where he learned the world capitals. He will never forget learning about the capital of Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou. This is where his interest in geography began. As his love for geography grew in high school Deron decided to explore our world. He lived abroad in Greece and completed restoration work on a 17th century monastery. Following his travels in Greece, he spent a summer in Kazakhstan. These experiences impacted Deron's life by teaching him that if you can go somewhere new, be comfortable in a strange place, and adapt to the culture, then you will be able to get through a number of different situations in your life.

Deron also told the students that geography has become an important part of his career. He runs call centers around the world, giving him the opportunity to bring jobs to people in developing countries and to teach them things he has learned from his travels.

He has witnessed that people have the same problems, wishes, and aspirations everywhere in the world and the more he travels and learns about the world the more knowledge he gains.

For Deron, geography is most important because we are global citizens of the world and the more we learn about geography the more we will learn about similarities and differences in each culture.

He told Mirman students that we have a responsibility as Americans to give back and to be able to bring our society together through mutual understanding, shared experiences, investment in other countries, and build friendships with people around the world.

Deron graduated from Mirman in 1986 and went on to attend Harvard Westlake and Yale University. He is a serial entrepreneur having co-founded Datassential, a leading market research company for the food industry with a Mirman classmate, and Collective Solution, an outsourced call center. Geography is near and dear to his heart as he has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Ukraine, the Philippines, Honduras, and most recently in Jamaica. And Deron is continually looking at new geographies to add to his business!