Announcing the Passing of Dr. Sheila Vaughan

01/26/15 04:33:pm
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Dear Mirman Community,

It is with a deep and abiding sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dr. Sheila Vaughan, former Mirman School teacher, administrator, and admissions tester. Dr. Vaughan was a beloved member of the Mirman staff ever since she began at the Pico Blvd. campus in the 1960s. She passed away on January 17 at the age of 84 after courageously fighting a battle with cancer.

Former Mirman faculty member, Darrel Lee, remembers Dr. Vaughan: "Along with Dr. and Mrs. Mirman, Sheila was one of the people who formulated the guiding principles of Mirman School. She not only was a teacher and an administrator, but also a mentor to me and other teachers. For decades, she was the first contact for literally hundreds of children that came to our school."

Leslie Mirman Geffen noted that Sheila Vaughan was "one of our most beloved and iconic educators. She helped decades of parents and teachers learn how to recognize the characteristics of highly gifted children, how to parent them and how to teach them. She helped the children to understand that there was nothing 'wrong' with them, that being gifted could be joyful with the right encouragement and support, and that they needed to learn the tools and discipline to expand and develop their gifts. She will be greatly missed."

Sheila Vaughan's obituary may be read here.

The Mirman community continues to build a future on the strength of the school's legacy. It is never lost on those of us, still relatively new to this inspiring school, of our responsibility to those who helped set this vision in motion. On behalf of all of us on our campus today, we humbly acknowledge this essential and treasured member of our expansive and connected community.


Dan Vorenberg
Head of School

Memorial Service Information

A memorial service for Dr. Vaughan is scheduled for
12:30pm on Monday, January 26.

Memorial Service Location:
Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Church of the Hills
6300 Forest Lawn Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068