Arden's Ted Talk: Get Action on Global Warming

01/27/16 03:15:am
| Category: Science

This morning, Arden H. (Room 3K) presented a Ted Talk on global warming for our weekly school-wide assembly. Arden is very passionate about this topic, and was encouraged by his teacher, Ms. Knavel, and Mr. Sussman, Head of the Lower School, to create this compelling presentation - entitled “Get Action on Global Warming!”

During his talk, Arden helped educate the students on climate change, and even

offered a few practical action items that the Mirman community can

tackle to battle pollution and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

Arden has already met with Mr. Vorenberg and other school leaders to

turn his plans into reality.

Please enjoy Arden’s presentation below… and “get action” today!