Cara Cara Oranges Pass the Healthy Taste Test

01/29/15 12:47:pm
| Category: Health & Wellness

Delicious! As part of Mirman's ongoing Healthy Habits initiative, students and faculty had the opportunity to try a fruit most of them had never heard of - Cara Cara oranges. The organic citrus supply was grown right up the freeway in Bakersfield, California. Every student who joined the taste test then wrote a word or phrase that described their savory experience on a display board.

According to the kids, Cara Cara oranges are 'heavenly,' 'exotic,' 'tangy,' 'sweet,' 'a blend of orange and grapefruit and grape,' and, simply, 'the best.' A few students begged to do this again soon - one Rooms 4 boy is seeking a time warp to next month where a new or exotic healthy fruit will be introduced. What a success!