Climbing Wall Gives Mirman Students a Leg Up

01/27/15 05:54:pm
| Category: Physical Education

On January 26 and 27, students were invited to try their hand at climbing a large scaling wall during Phys Ed and recess. While some found the structure impossible to overcome, many Mirmanites made it to the pinnacle without a hitch! Either way, it was a fun and challenging activity for all.

One US1 student said, "The wall is a blast, but definitely gives you a work out. When I got tired, I pretended that someone was chasing me. That helped." A Lower School student gazed up at the wall and, shaking her head, pronounced: "There's no way. Simply no way." Yet, after strapping into the safety harness and being reassured by Coach Coleman, the young girl managed to scramble almost all the way to the top!

Thank you to our Physical Education Department for bringing "the Wall" to Mirman!