Concert Singers make a splash at Carnegie Hall

07/18/18 06:57:pm
| Category: News

The Concert Singers were given a prestigious opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City, New York, on June 24 in honor of notable choral composer and educator Francisco J. Núñez. The Concert Singers joined several other choirs, mainly from the high school and college level, to form a large ensemble in honor of Mr. Núñez's world premiere piece, entitled “Liminality.” The ensemble also performed three other pieces: “Es Tu Tiempo,” “Naturaleza,” and “Forever is My Song.” The performance was conducted by Mr. Núñez himself, offering the students an incredible chance to collaborate with a noted musical visionary.

The Concert Singers had spent much of the 2017-2018 school year preparing for their piece of the ensemble, performing "Es Tu Tiempo" several times for the Mirman community at graduation, Family Open House, and more. The fruits of that labor were recognized by Mr. Núñez, who said in a letter sent to all concert participants: "It was a privilege to work with such a passionate group of young artists, who were so determined to make our performance worthy of one of the greatest concert halls in the world. And I believe you did! Your music-making, your energy, and your intense enthusiasm for this music were overwhelming, and it was obvious how much love and effort you put into your singing."

Mirman's own Director of Music Programs Nicolás Kello and Choral Director Evan Roberts were equally proud of what their students had accomplished. "Our Concert Singers' trip to New York this year was fulfilling in so many ways. Mr. Nuñez's electrifying energy and his passion for exploring the emotional and cultural aspects of his music was incredibly inspiring," said Mr. Kello.

Although the performance was clearly the culminating experience of the trip, our Concert Singers and their parent and faculty chaperones made sure to make the most of their time in the Big Apple. The students enjoyed weaving on large looms as part of an interactive art exhibit with gallery walks exploring inclusivity and equity. They also dined at some fantastic places, stopping afterwards to share leftovers with those they passed who were in need. They took in a show on Broadway, mastered the subway, and surveyed the whole of Manhattan from the One World Observatory. A particularly sweet stop was the John Lennon memorial, where the group sang their rendition of some Beatles hits in a reprise of the Spring Pops Concert.

"I think it's safe to say that not only did the students get to truly experience New York, but that New York got to experience them as well!" said Mr. Kello in his reflection about the trip. "Personally, the most fulfilling aspect of the trip for me, and I suspect for many of us, was the opportunity to develop more meaningful human relationships through these shared experiences. I will never forget the communal singing in the stairwell of the Park Central Hotel on our last night! It truly takes a village to make a trip like this as successful as it was. From Mr. Roberts, to Ms. Deb Stark and Ms. Stephanie Feder, and not least of all the parents and especially the children, everyone should feel incredibly proud."