Director of Inclusivity and Equity honored by DiversityIs Magazine

05/16/19 08:07:pm
| Category: News

Mirman School is very proud to announce the recognition of its Director of Inclusivity and Equity, Connie Chiu, who has been named one of the winners of the DiversityIS Leadership in Diversity Award from "DiversityIS Magazine." The publication describes this honor as a measure of the work done on the part of honorees to support and encourage the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students and employees.

"She has influenced all aspects of the school’s hiring practices, built affinity groups, and worked directly with admissions to move the needle on recruitment and retention. Chiu is actively involved in recruiting new faculty and screening for bias in all systems and policies. She is also part of the NAIS People of Color Conference planning committee, partakes in public speaking, and is an advocate for the principles of social justice," notes the publication.

Ms. Chiu began her work at Mirman in 2015 as the Assistant to the Head of School. Relying on her extensive background in education and social justice, she was quick to helm the work of inclusivity and equity at Mirman, heading up the school's I/E Working Group and serving as the staff lead for the Board Committee on Inclusivity. After serving as Director of Inclusivity and Equity in a part-time capacity in addition to her duties as Assistant to the Head of School, Ms. Chiu became the school's first full-time Director of I/E beginning in July 2018.

"There are people in schools who elevate the dialogue and deepen the culture of learning through the sheer power of their intellect. There are other people who lift the spirits and soul of an organization up through the sheer power of their joyous affective nature," said Head of School Dan Vorenberg. "In my career, it's been exceedingly rare to see somebody who does both. Ms. Chiu is one such person, and her intellect and affective nature are coupled with the strength of character, sense of vision, and belief in a better world through the world of education."

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