First assembly of 2017-2018 brings laughter, surprises, celebration

08/30/17 12:43:pm
| Category: Community

There were some of the usual things you'd expect at the all-school gathering: reminders about what "hands up" means during transitions, the Pledge, the alma mater, impromptu gems from Head of School Dan Vorenberg. But in keeping with a new year, assembly had some bright new spots courtesy of friends old and new.

The event began with two of our newest students, Arastoo and Anthony from Kindergarten, leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. With a little help from Mr. Gibbs, these two rocked it!

Our new Director of Music Programs, Mr. Nicolás Kello, lead us in a fine first go at the alma mater song (below, you'll see him alongside Director of Inclusivity and Equity Ms. Connie Chiu, who gave a brave attempt at the tambourine. Keep practicing, Ms. Chiu! It's all about process here at Mirman.)

Though definitely not "old" by any stretch of the imagination, we said hello to and celebrated our Upper School 4 class. These proud Seniors are familiar faces in our community, and we look to them for leadership this year as they close out their Mirman journey.

Finally, under the direction of Mr. Vorenberg, our assembly showed us a very small sampling of some of the hidden talents in our own community. Director of Technology Mr. Michael Taggart (literally) kicked us off with a martial arts demonstration. Assistant to the Lower School, Ms. Claudiette Wright-Bey followed, filling the auditorium with a harmonious message during a self-accompanied take on "You've Got A Friend." Director of Admission Ms. Jen Liggitt showed us that yes, it is possible to pretend to knit with a completely straight face. And of course, Lower School Math Specialist Mr. Nathan Orr showed off his dance moves (which, many will tell you, is not exactly a hidden talent).

The main message of the showcase was clear: throughout the year, the Mirman community should feel like assemblies are their time to shine. Whether you are a new or returning student, an unsung hero working facilities and operations or a visible administrator with something interesting to share, these assemblies are a place for us to all learn from one another and grow with each other. As the year goes on, student leadership will lead assembly activities, making the programming truly student-focused.

And, dear reader, we would be remiss if we did not give you a peek into the unbridled joy that can come from the recognition of "The Birthday Song." Here we have our August birthdays, celebrating belatedly. Which one of these things is not like the other?

He may be taller than your average bear, but Director of Advancement Mr. Noah Kaufman never lets that get in the way of spending time huddled up with students. That's the true community spirit at work.