A good book is better when you share it with a friend

04/11/18 02:10:pm
| Category: Service Learning

Mirman School has recently established a relationship with Sylvan Park Elementary School in Van Nuys. On March 16, our Room 4 classes were able to visit three of their six kindergarten classes to promote literacy. As you may recall, the funds raised by Room 4 raised during the Milk and Cookies book drive were to benefit the partnership with Sylvan Park Elementary. These funds went towards the purchase of twelve Kindles for their kindergarten classrooms to use in support of literacy-related projects. Additionally, Room 4 conducted a book drive where they collected hundreds of books for their buddies! Finally, students read aloud from the book One by Kathryn Otoshi and led their buddies in an activity called "Be the One," emphasizing the importance of being an upstander. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with Sylvan Park Elementary!

Here are some reactions from our students and parent volunteers who came along for the ride:

Ayan C: "A highlight from the trip to Sylvan Park Elementary School was my buddy. His name is Kasen and he is 5 years old. He is a nice boy who likes cookies and reading.”

Sloane W: "My favorite part of the trip was seeing all of the smiling kids with their new books.”

Sharon Gavin (Room 4 parent and Service Learning Committee Chair): "It was wonderful to see the caring connection between our students and the Sylvan students as they learned from each other."

Alex Gavin: "It was very nice reading to the kids. They were so nice. It was great that each kid was able to take two books home."

Nu Usaha (Room 4 parent and Service Learning Committee Chair): "It was wonderful to see our Room 4 students connect with the kindergarten students at Sylvan Park. Hearing the children say that they enjoyed the experience and did not want the visit to end just made my day and showed me that our service learning projects do have an impact on our students."