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Hands-On with Hardware: Server Breakdown

02/05/15 04:35:pm
| Category: Technology

Mirman’s IT Department dropped by Room 5Z to give Ms. Zifkin’s students a chance for some hands-on tinkering with computer hardware. Two old servers were opened for closer inspection, and the students practiced removing and installing memory (RAM) chips, learned how to properly handle computer circuitry, and even practiced creating schematic diagrams of the internal parts.

Once disassembled, the teams had to use their schematic diagrams to reassemble and reinstall the chips and cards. At the end of the activity, one team successfully booted up their server!

Michael Taggart, Director of Information Technology, had a personal inclination to run this activity:

"I wanted the participants to walk away with a deeper understanding of the inner workings of these machines. I got my start in technology by tinkering with computers — taking them apart to see how they worked, learning the machines from the inside-out. I wanted to share that experience, in particular the wonder I still feel at the complexity of computer components, with Mirman students."