Hour of Code Week Explores the World of Programming

12/07/15 05:45:am
| Category: Technology

This week, we will begin the Hour of Code! It's an engaging time for Mirman students to join millions of learners around the world in creating code and/or refining our programming skills.

What makes this week special is that it gives our students a chance to demystify the science of coding and programming as a purposeful skill for the 21st century. To that point, some of the essential questions we would like you to consider are:

How does a programmer think?
How does solving problems computationally apply outside of coding?
How does learning how to program change how we approach problems and build solutions?
What can we learn about math concepts we already know when looking at them through the lens of programming?
If coding is technical and scientific, how can it be creative?

On Wednesday, December 9, we will offer several programming class during LEAP. This is to encourage all Upper School students to take advantage of these various offerings and participate in at least one class period of coding. Along with these classes, there will be a TED Talk presentation during the all-school assembly, an ID Lab Speaker Event on digital media and computer science, and a student-led session for computer programming.

Additionally, we're happy to announce that students in the Upper School will assist teachers and specialists with several Hour of Code classes in the Lower School.

We will be updating this post throughout the week with more images featuring our young computer programmers!