i3: Lower School Students Ideate, Iterate, and Innovate!

06/06/16 05:44:am

From March 18 until our Family Open House on May 13, several of our Rooms 1-3 students participated in a STEM and Maker event called i3 2016 - Ideate! Iterate! Innovate!

All school year, our Lower School Students learned what it meant to be creative thinkers by discovering exciting ways to bring their ideas to life using SCAMPER Creativity Tools and applying the Design Thinking framework. Forty-seven students took this opportunity to flex their innovation skills outside of the classroom to ideate the possibilities, iterate several designs and builds, and then construct their incredible inventions. The i3 theme for 2016 used to inspire their designs was "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"

Please enjoy the video below, which includes clips of the students working on their projects.

Our Mirman parents were a tremendous help and support to their young inventors, but the driving force behind the creations came from the students. We had inventions that involved transportation, water and fertilization delivery, virtual reality, humor, and sports. I look forward to organizing next year's i3 event and of course, welcome your feedback and support! Please join me in recognizing our excellent, young innovators for i3 2016!

Rooms 1: Shiloh W., Carter B., Apollo P. and Anamika D.

Rooms 2: Alex G. and Sofia M.; Sabrina N.; Amelie R., Sarah S., and Riya I.; Daisy H-G. and Cara H.; Sasha F., Dakota T., and Devan R.; Devin M. and Morgan M.; Stuart V., Sebastian C., and George R.; Nikki P.; Ashton G. and Kiran S.; Sabrina W. and Zoe O.; Vivianne A.

Rooms 3: Lily S. and Remy E.; Zoe R., Monika E., and Viktoria E.; Ethan M.; Arden H. and Brandon M.; London M. and Marcus C.; Mateo R. and Brando B.; Viraj S.; Yuma S.; Noah Sky K. and Austin W.; Sophie F.; Molly B.; Devyn C. and Nicola D.; Kyan K. and Will R.