Inaugural community film screening is November 2!

10/25/16 06:08:pm
| Category: Community

"Screenagers" (Click here for a link to the trailer) is a 68-minute film about the impact of the digital age on children. Constructive as well as instructive, we expect it to generate discussion about how to mitigate some of the harmful effects of our constant connectivity, as well as how to find balance in a time when technology can be both useful and overwhelming. The film is appropriate for ages 10+, and students from Mirman's Student Advisory Council will moderate a panel discussion with the audience after the film as they discuss their experience and reflections. Mirman students in Room 5 through Upper School 4 have been welcomed to attend with their parents or guardians, and siblings and other children over 10 years of age are welcome as well.

Mirman School's intention in this community gathering is to provide opportunities for dialogue around how young people, children and their parents and educators navigate the digital space in the 21st century. Specifically, this film examines the impact of social media, video games, and the internet on the academic and social-emotional lives of students. Beyond this event, we hope that our community film screenings will facilitate the exchange of experiences and ideas across schools, families and students in the LA area. Mirman has invited faculty, staff and parents from nearby independent and public schools to join in for the evening, intending to open up its campus as a nexus for that partnership to come together.

Movie theater snacks (popcorn, candy, etc.) will be served during the film. There is no childcare provided.

To RSVP, please email Connie Chiu, Director of Inclusivity and Equity.