Inaugural Mythcade an EPIC success

01/19/18 02:04:pm
| Category: Lower School

Based on their mythology studies, the students had to invent an arcade game from a greek myth (think "Zeus on the Loose" or "Medusa Maze," for example). Then, explained Lower School Technology Integrationist Amy Heppe, the students worked with STEM Director Jeffery Flagg and Art Teacher Patter Hellstrom to create design housing to fit their laptops, turning them into veritable vintage gaming consoles.

The "guts" of the games were designed in Tinker, a JavaScript-based block programming language, said Ms. Heppe.

"The students all had such different ideas — they took the project and ran with it. It was amazing," she added.

Some students went beyond laptops and created touch controls using a Makey Makey device. Others still added their own flare in the form of original music composition for their game. "We made a real point of collaborative learning," said Ms. Heppe.

Mirman parents and faculty/staff were invited to the event; the morning gathering was a packed house, with friendly competition sparking between gamers to put their notch in the high score column.

"Everyone was so excited about the opportunity to share in the games," said Ms. Heppe. In keeping with the arcade theme, the students also designed coin slots. The event raised $312.78, which was donated to the West Side Food Bank.