Jahan Razavi (US4) Wins 1st Place at Young Mind Awards

11/13/15 06:01:am
| Category: Science

Upper School 4 student Jahan Razavi has been on fire with his project, "PyroVision: A Detection System for Wildfires." What started as an idea for his US3 science fair project, the objective for Jahan's project was to create a wildfire detection system to reduce chances of a large blaze. PyroVision uses temperature sensors, Arduino, Bluetooth transmission, and red LEDs to detect vast temperature changes and wirelessly send this information directly to the fire station. The transmitters use datahopping to transmit across hundreds of acres.

Earlier this year, Jahan and US Science teacher Norm Brennan were recipients of the Nuclear Society Student and Teacher Awards presented at the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair. The Nuclear Society recognizes outstanding projects representing a field of nuclear science, technology, or engineering. Jahan received the Student Award for the development of this project and, as Jahan's advisor, Mr. Brennan received the Teacher Award.

(Mr. Norm Brennan, US Science, and Jahan Razavi, US4)

Today, we were excited to learn that Jahan was recognized for his science fair project in another competition - Young Mind Awards:
The mission of the Young Mind Awards is to inspire students with an analytical mindset to challenge themselves, and follow their dreams in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. A global competition, the YMAs encourage students at the middle school, high school, and undergraduate level, to pursue their passion and bring forth design engineering and research and development as desirable education and career options for scholars. The YMAs recognize outstanding achievements and efforts of students who design and build a project in one of five innovation categories: electromechanical/mechanical, electronic, medical, research and development, and wireless.

Jahan won 1st place in his category for PyroVision. He also won 1st place overall for the middle school category! The award comes with a cash prize for Jahan, his teacher Mr. Brennan, and Mirman School. We are so very proud of your hard work and innovation, Jahan!

(Jahan Razavi, US4, with his original PyroVision display board)