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Lemonade stand, bake sales raise funds for natural disaster relief

11/06/17 02:34:pm
| Category: Service Learning

Dr. Scott sat down with both Madeline and Sasha to talk about what motivated them to do their projects, and what they learned in the process.

Dr. Scott: How did you learn about natural disasters?

Madeline: "Mr. Flagg taught me about natural disasters as well as Mr. Krejcarek. We were able to look at some before and after pictures of the hurricane areas and the after pictures showed water almost above a sign on a street. It made me feel so sad for all of the people that were also having to deal with the impact of the hurricane and I felt I needed to do something."

Sasha: "During Design Thinking and with conversations with my parents I learned about the natural disasters. We talked a lot about hurricanes as well as the earthquakes. I really wanted to do something to help."

Dr. Scott: What motivated you to create your own fundraisers for these efforts?

Madeline: "What made me inspired was that I wanted to help the people who experienced natural disasters and make a difference. I was able to earn about $104 in two days! All of my money was donated to Chores For Change."

Sasha: "I felt bad for those that lost their homes and that also lost family members and I really wanted to help. I thought a bake sale would be good to raise money."

Dr. Scott: Have you ever done anything like this before?

Madeline: "This was kind of new for me, but I would definitely do it again! Working with Mr. Flagg really helped me think about ways to help."

Sasha: "I sometimes do rainbow loom sales with my brother to raise money. This was the first time we raised the money for a cause to help others and I love that my classmates and I are finding different ways to help out."