Library artwork highlights black women writers for Black History Month

02/12/18 12:50:pm
| Category: Celebrations

Visitors to the McDaniel Library — or even those who simply walk outside the large windows facing the Upper School — may notice some beautiful faces lining the walls this month.

"I made these portraits in celebration of Black History Month, and to highlight some incredibly impactful Black women activist writers. The excited response and engagement with the portraits has sparked many conversations and opportunities to introduce folks to these authors' work," said Anders Villalta, Assistant Librarian.

Cutting the portraits out from thick paper, Mx. Villalta then placed the work around the library, as well as a contextual piece to introduce students and showcase the women.

"A few students have recognized the authors at first sight, which feels really exciting. On a personal note, it has brought me a lot of joy to see the morning light shining through the faces of people who have profoundly shaped who I am and the work I do. I hope the same might be true for others, now, or in the future," they said.