Math Team celebrates big wins in Math League Local Round

02/08/19 06:56:pm
| Category: News

The pouring rain wasn't enough to dampen the spirits of our dedicated math learners, who made a very strong showing in the competition.

"I am so proud of all of our students today," said Lower School Mathematics Coordinator Nathan Orr, who is one of the staff leads for the team alongside Upper School mathematics teachers Dr. Sun Lee and Ms. Kara Luna, and Head of Upper School Ron Simmons. "They worked hard to get to this point, coming in early on Tuesdays or staying late on Thursdays to practice. They all deserve a huge pat on the back and should be proud of themselves."

Mr. Orr also thanked his parent volunteers and Director of STEM Jeffery Flagg, who all helped with proctoring and grading, as well as the Facilities and Operations Team, who helped to make the large-scale event happen.

Mirman School took home the second place Team Sweepstakes trophy for Division 6.

The individual results were as follows:

3rd Grade (Room 4)
1st - Atticus
2nd - Boon
3rd - Ava
4th - Nikhil
5th - Jalen
6th - Zachary
8th - Reed

Fourth Grade (Room 5)
1st - Harry
2nd - Alex
4th - Riya
5th - Morgan
6th - Graham
8th - Hudson
9th - Rares

Fifth Grade (US 1)
2nd - Shimon
4th - Marcus
5th - Yuma
6th - Brando
7th - Viktoria
8th - Colin
10th - Molly

Congratulations to the following students who qualified for the district round in March:
Atticus, Boon, Grady, Jalen, Nikhil, Ava, Zachary, Harry, Alex, Riya, Morgan, Graham, Rares, Hudson, Molly, Brando, Marcus, Remy, Monika, Viktoria, Colin, Ethan, Yuma, Shimon