Meet the Alumni Council

11/29/17 12:45:pm
| Category: Alumni

The Mirman School Alumni Council encourages alumni to stay connected and participate actively as they develop a lifelong rewarding relationship with the school. Our vision is to involve the greatest number of alumni by creating personal and professional connections. Our council wants to strengthen ties between alumni and our current students, faculty, and staff, as they give back to the place that helped shape them into the people they are today.

Meet your 2017-2018 Alumni Council Members:

Josh Bauer '87-'93
Ashley Felts '92-'96
Leslie Mirman Geffen
Talia Geffen '88-'97
Nicole Haley Cohen '02-'10
Emma Kragen '95-'02
Mattias Lehman '94-'03
Alex Mitchell '87-'92
Gizelle Pera '96-'03
Deron Quon '82-'86
Randall Rubin '75-'84
*Note: some of the alumni council members are not pictured.

If you're interested in being a class representative or participating in volunteer opportunities through the alumni community click here.