Mirman celebrates inaugural Health and Wellness Week

05/08/18 03:49:pm
| Category: Human Library

(Click the video below to see a photo slideshow of the week!)

Brought to campus by the Human Library Campaign, Health and Wellness Week closed out April on a high and healthy note. Spanning the week of April 23 through 27, the programming for the week brought a variety of speakers ("books") to campus to share their stories around health and wellness. Yoga and mindfulness videos were circulated for use in community time, and even the Faculty and Staff got in on the action with a boot camp hosted by Coach Sabu Terry and Athletic Director Angela Brown.

The week kicked off in the Lower School with a yoga session run by parent Dr. Arti Chawla, followed by a lunch and learn in the library with Librarian Robin Raval and Director of Marketing and Communications Jenn Salcido, who spoke of the importance of hobbies like reading and writing to support mental wellness. The following day saw parent Paddy Spence, co-founder of Zevia, teaching our Lower Schoolers how to reduce their sugar intake, and Dr. Beth Braun speaking about reducing screen time. Good Life Organics came to campus armed with tangerines, kiwis, and snap peas for a "Try it Tuesday" tasting contest (kiwis won by a landslide), and Director of Technology Michael Taggart led the Upper School in Tai Chi at lunch. The entire community was encouraged to take part in a "screen free" night, where students explored screen free hobbies and activities with their families at home.

To stress the importance of sleep, students (and adults!) were allowed to rock their favorite pajamas on Wednesday, and while the Lower School enjoyed themed reads in the library, the Upper School learned about personality types with parent Nicole Brooks. During community time on Thursday, parents Carlos Woods and John Freeman came to talk to both Room 3 classes about the importance of exercise and how to be healthy athletes. In the Upper School, parent Dr. Lyre Fribourg spoke about how to manage stress, while Profesora Gian Molero led a Zumba class to let off some steam at lunch. Carlos Woods gave an encore presentation of his healthy athletes workshop to US2 during PE time, and on Friday, Spence and Dr. Braun returned to spread more of their message across the Lower School.

Thanks to all of our guest speakers and participants!