Mirman community joins together for Helping Hands, One Voice

01/04/18 04:12:pm
| Category: Service Learning

Students, faculty, administrators and parents were able to come together for the third Annual Helping Hands event on Thursday, December 14 — a week delayed by the area wildfires and in a slightly different form than originally envisioned. Dr. Dena Scott, who co-leads the school's service learning efforts alongside Ms. Brittani Fowlin, said, "We thank our community for our ability to shift the focus of the activities to support families sponsored from Children's Hospital Los Angeles and our local fire fighters. We were able to collect, sort and wrap truck loads of gifts for our seven sponsored CHLA, create cards and origami for CHLA families, and create thank you letters for our local fire fighters. There is no better way to go into winter break than coming together as a community to do something special for others. We extend a huge thank you to each of you for contributing to making this experience a huge success!"

Although off campus, several Mirman staff, parents, students and family members had the opportunity to participate in the One Voice Holiday Food Program later that evening as well. This event allows for service through immediate action as thousands of volunteers engage in sorting and packaging fruit and vegetables at the Santa Monica Airport. The One Voice Holiday Food Program is a multi-day event which provides food baskets, toys and books to 2,500 families living in poverty in the Los Angeles area. Mirman families have participated in this event for several years, and we hope to participate for many years to come!

Please click below to watch a slideshow of photos from both Helping Hands and One Voice.