Mirman crew lights up the Personal Tech Hackathon

03/05/18 04:13:pm
| Category: Technology

Mirman sent a squad of thirteen students, including one young alumna, to participate in the hackathon, which was co-sponsored by Mirman, Archer, Crossroads, Immaculate Heart, New Roads School, the Pegasus School, and Wildwood. While at the hackathon, the team worked for eleven hours with mentors and experts on identifying problems and coming up with potential solutions to problems using personal technology. At the end of the event, they were given the opportunity to present their solutions to the event's judges.

"Mirman students did what they do best: use the design thinking process, starting with empathy, to create effective and technically complex solutions to real-world problems. It was exciting to see our students working alongside others, excitedly applying STEM skills toward noble objectives," said Director of Technology Michael Taggart, who led a workshop on GitHub at the event.

Students Vaughn E., Connor Y., Brandon L., Simone P., Russell F., McQuaid H-G., Sydne C., Charlotte N., Lachlan M., Sheila G., Rex G., Eric Y. and Mina Enayati-Uzeta (alumna) were on hand for the event. The students who participated were accompanied by Upper School Technology Integrationist Sean Lueder, who led an Arduino workshop, as well as parent volunteers/coaches Steve Goodrich, Karen Newman, and Rashmi Nigam.

Before the hackathon, teammate Charlotte N. sat down with the Mirman Newsroom to talk about what she most looked forward to about the event. Although she said she had previously thought herself to not be the best coder, a three-day coding workshop at UCLA, where she produced articles in CSS and HTML, changed all that. "I like that I can make anything I want," said Charlotte. "And it's important to learn about coding and to step up our game so we can compete with new technology."

Connor Y., whose first exposure to programming was the Scratch language in Lower School, had hoped to get some coding in during the hackathon, and was looking forward to programming with his friends. By all accounts, the hackathon was successful on those fronts and more.