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Mirman Mustangs celebrate winter season, kick off spring sports

03/21/17 02:42:pm
| Category: Athletics

Our spring sports season got off to a strong start last week with our first track and field meet! But before we get too far into the spring season, we wanted to take our caps off to all the athletes who competed in a wonderful winter season this year.

We had a record-breaking number of teams this winter, with students in Room 4 through Upper School 4 participating in a variety of sports. Great job everyone! Athletics Director Angela Brown sat down to give us the highlights:

Room 4 Blue Boys Basketball
"The boys had a strong finish to their season, improving on their skills all season long. The effort they played on defense was fun to see and will help them for next year."

Room 4 Gray Boys Basketball
"This team played the most exciting game of the basketball season against CHIME. The game came down to the very last seconds and they lost by only two points. This game was against a team that went undefeated all season."

Room 5 Navy Boys Basketball
"The Room 5 Navy team showed a lot of improvement from their first game to the last, particularly offensively!"

Room 5 Royal Boys Basketball
"The team was undefeated with 7 wins under their belts! They've learned that teamwork is imperative. With hard work and attention to detail, they became the only undefeated team in basketball at Mirman this season."

Room 5 Silver Boys Basketball
"The Room 5 Silver team improved throughout the season, building on their defensive and offensive skill set. Despite facing some tough competition in their division, the boys persisted and played each game with grit."

US1 Blue Boys Basketball
"This team was an exciting one to watch. They were placed in the Coast League, a league filled with difficult competition, and they made their presence known. This was the first time a Mirman basketball team was placed in the Coast division for basketball."

US1 Gray Boys Basketball
"The US1 basketball season had its ups and downs. Overall, the team learned how to work together and communicate on the court."

US2 Boys Basketball
"This team had a hard-fought season, improving all season long. Working together allowed the team to earn a few wins against formidable opponents."

US3/4 Boys Basketball
"The team played hard all season long, showing grit and tenacity as they faced many opponents in the league, setting a wonderful example with their sportsmanship all the while."

US3/4 Boys Soccer
"These boys played with the grace and dignity befitting their status as school leaders."

Room 4 Blue Girls Soccer
"This team truly understood what it meant to compete in every aspect of the game. Overall, this was a fantastic introduction to soccer for Room 4 and tremendous growth individually and as a team."

Room 4 Gray Girls Soccer
"The girls learned how to work together and showed great team spirit. The season was a great one for their first time playing soccer for Mirman."

Room 5 Gray Girls Soccer
"This was a spectacular season for this team! The majority of these young ladies did not have prior experience playing soccer. However, in the short amount of time they had, they came out looking like true soccer players.They worked hard every practice to learn the rules of the game, ball control skills and how to effectively communicate."

US1 Girls Soccer
"The offense truly exploded this year, setting opponents on the immediate defense by scoring quickly and often. Overall, a grade A team season that resulted in a 6 win and zero loss record; they win the Coast 1 division."

US2 Girls Soccer
"Throughout the season, each girl learned new skills and honed their abilities together as a whole team. They found a new sense of confidence that shined through at every game. We won second place in the championship round!"