Mirman School names Brad Barry as new Dir. of Admission

07/09/18 11:02:pm
| Category: News

Mirman School is pleased to announce that after an extensive national search, Brad Barry has been named as Director of Admission and Enrollment Management.

“Brad Barry’s mission alignment with our institution, his energy and ideals, and his demonstrated commitment to children are just a few of myriad qualities that make him a superb fit for this position at Mirman,” said Head of School Dan Vorenberg, who first brought Mr. Barry to Mirman as a third grade teacher in 2014. “As a school dedicated to cultivating the boundless potential of highly gifted children, it is of the utmost importance that its Director of Admission live out the messages we espouse on this campus daily. I’m confident that having Brad in this role will help us continue to strengthen our reputation as a premier institution for shaping the lives of gifted learners.”

Mr. Barry is no stranger to the administrative side of the admission process, as he began serving on the school’s Admission Committee in 2015, where he helped to build Mirman’s vibrant and inclusive community of learners by collaborating with parent ambassadors as well as evaluating applicants. In addition to his lead classroom teaching responsibilities, he continued to grow in his Admissions role, becoming Admission Associate in 2016. As Admission Associate, he spearheaded a redesign of both student interviewing procedures and applicant tracking rubrics. These changes have led to a variety of positive impacts in the Mirman admission process, impacting efficiency and equity in equal measure.

Mr. Barry also brings to bear significant knowledge on gifted education, having served as the Head of Elementary School for ACE Academy, a gifted school in Austin, Texas. He is a three-time presenter at the California Association for the Gifted Conference, speaking on subjects ranging from empathy in the classroom to issues of diversity and inclusion in identifying gifted learners. As a dedicated educator and life-long learner, Mr. Barry has continued to broaden his knowledge in both pedagogy and admissions, earning credentials as a Certified Admission and Enrollment Management Professional from the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals.

“Having a deep affection for both the Mirman School and the practice of gifted education, I’m excited to continue to move the department forward in taking an active and vital role both within our school community and our community at large,” said Mr. Barry. “I’m looking forward to getting to know and working in collaboration with our sister schools and early childhood education centers to identify and support gifted learners. I invite any of my colleagues in the area to arrange a visit to Mirman, and hope to make my way to your institutions soon.”