Mirman Students grab top prize at the 2019 Teen Tech Hackathon

03/17/19 06:27:pm
| Category: Technology

Hosted at New Roads, middle and high school students endured morning workshops in design thinking, coding, virtual reality, and high-end computer programming. Director of STEM Jeffery Flagg, one of the Hackathon's organizers for middle school workshops, taught graphic design and an intro to coding class.

The afternoon was spent "hack"-ing away at creating a deliverable centered on entertainment (e.g., media, gaming, television). There were three possible awards given at the end of the day after intense judging from educators and individuals from the tech. industries, including an executive from Headspace and engineers from Google.

Leyna A. (US3), Eric Y. (US4), Connor Y. (US2), Brandon L. (US2), and Vaughn E. (US2) walked away with the top award "Moonshot" for their sophisticated design and technology application. Their prototype "WatchTogether" allows users to study and learn Math, English, and other educational subjects collaboratively.

The judge from Headspace was especially impressed by their work saying, "You've prototyped something in two hours that took my engineers 90 days to do."