Mirman Wins 2nd Place at Future City STEM Challenge

01/23/16 05:10:am
| Category: Technology

On Saturday, January 23, three of Mirman's students earned high honors in Future City's Southern California regional competition. As per their website, Future City is a middle school STEM design challenge where students must present solutions for a sustainability issue via virtual city design (using SimCity); a 1,500-word city description; a scale model; a project plan, and a visual presentation.

This year’s annual regional competition attracted 180 middle-school students to The Rhoades School in Encinitas, CA. Nationwide, the competition brought more than 40,000 students from 1,350 middle schools together for this year's theme - “Waste Not, Want Not”, where teams created city models involving waste management.

US2 students Rhea M., Turandot S. and Mina E. discovered the competition online, and registered in September under the coaching of science teacher Norm Brennan and the mentorship of STEM Director Jeffery Flagg (pictured below). Their submission was a description for a "ten-year-old coastal city in Southern California" called Dema Verd (or “Green Tomorrow”).