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MirmanX Year 3 cohort announced

12/11/17 02:45:pm
| Category: MirmanX

It was a competitive and talented pool for the third year of MirmanX, the startup accelerator which funds three Upper School student projects to the tune of $10,000 to take ideas from concept to prototype. Following just over a semester of individual work in preparation for pitch night, twelve Upper School students went before a panel of judges to pitch their ideas.

The three winning projects were (students pictured above):

Dashiell F. (US2), "Grasp" — A robotic arm for wheelchair users controlled by mobile phone gestures and computerized object recognition.

Jack D. (US1), "Fingergun" — A biometric, mountable firearm safe.

Shalen C. (US1), "Money Manager" — An app to help kids learn to manage/save/budget money, with assistance and interaction from parents.

"There are no losers in MirmanX," said Director of Technology Michael Taggart after he announced the winners to a crowd of students, faculty, staff, and parents who gathered for an all-school assembly. "Everyone else in the cohort is going to keep working on all three projects and gain skills."

Mr. Taggart particularly called out the idea that, like Dashiell, who refined his pitch and idea after failing to receive funding last year came back to be one of the winners, students who continue to work on the project teams are only at the beginning of their journey.

Other pitches included:

Katherine S. (US1), "Telepresence Help" — A telepresence robot with arms targeted at families with parents who travel often.

Jonah S. (US1)/Jacob M. (US1) "Lice Vision" — An app that uses a smartphone camera to detect the presence of lice.

Adam R. (US1)/Dylan W. (US1), "Bug Light" — A flashlight/camera that detects the presence of insects and assists in removing infestations.

Nathaniel D. (US3), "The Open Space" — A massive open-world computer game set in an original science-fiction universe.

Connor Y. (US1)/Brandon L. (US1), "Automation" — An application that modifies the macOS user interface by recognizing patterns of behavior.

Evan F. (US2) "A.T.G. (Affordable Turbine Generator)" — A small-scale hydroelectric turbine for deployment in developing nations.