Orizuru 2015: Folding One Thousand Paper Cranes

01/06/16 05:35:am
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"Orizuru" means Origami Crane. It is said that when you have folded a thousand Origami Cranes, then your wish will come true. Last year, Room 5 students participated in a film project entitled "Orizuru 2015" by joining forces to fold one thousand paper cranes.

The film stars US1 student Takamaro K. as "Satoshi," a shy boy who recently moved to the U.S. from Japan. His friendship with an elderly neighbor sparks a journey of discovery and enlightenment, as they learn the true meaning behind the "Orizuru" tale and share a message of peace with the world. The short film features many other familiar Mirman faces, as well! Japanese media outlets have been reporting on the film, and it was selected to show at the Hiroshima International Film Festival 2015.

At this week's assembly, Takamaro screened the film's trailer for the entire student body (below).

The students had a wonderful experience working on the film project, and folding one thousand paper cranes to create this beautiful display!

Background Story

The once-athletic Sadako set out to fold a thousand cranes at her hospital bed, so that she may again compete on the tracks. In her story told by Eleanor Coerr, the leukemia caused by her radiation exposure from the Hiroshima nuclear bomb as a toddler had cut her dream short. Her legacy, however, lives on and continues to inspire those who work to create a peaceful world for our children. Seventy years after the end of World War II and the atomic bomb, Sadako and her thousand cranes remain among the most widely recognized symbol of peace and reconciliation, which has come to be embraced by the people, not just from the United States and Japan, but the World over. This short film shines the light on Sadako's family and the people from both sides of the Pacific, who took down cultural and historical barriers, both big and small, through their hard work and courage.

Official Trailer:

For more information on the film, including upcoming screenings, please visit http://www.orizuru2015.com/