Robotics Coach Amanda Sullivan Set to Speak in Chile

11/02/18 09:18:pm
| Category: News

Last March, we had the pleasure of having Eileen Kahn visit Mirman as part of our LEAP Speaker Series, where she teamed up with our own Mirman Robotics Coach Amanda Sullivan to inspire our students in the importance of STEM.

Next week, Amanda will travel to Chile as part of a STEM Ambassadorship with Ms. Kahn, where she will be a speaker at a series of "STEM for a Change" conferences that focuses on inspiring girls and under-represented populations. Conference participants will train in Educational Robotics, engage with their peers and mentors, and join the growing STEM community in Chile.

During that week Amanda will help facilitate a partnership between two schools and Mirman's FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robotics Program, which will involve donating starter funds to support their inaugural season, and ongoing mentorship with the team and their coaches.

Amanda Sullivan is in her third year at Mirman as a Robotics Coach and Engineering Design Mentor. She is a FIRST Alumni and Volunteer in many FLL Tournaments across the nation. Ms. Sullivan is completing studies in Business Administration at California State Fullerton University while also pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. Currently, she is involved in an app startup as well as running an e-commerce business. Ms. Sullivan also works in the entertainment industry by serving as a robotics technical advisor - Her credits include "Modern Family" (ABC) and "The Fosters" (recently on Freeform). Her main focus is to spread the idea that girls can do anything they put their mind to and bridge the gender gap through her leadership and influence.

Safe travels, Ms. Sullivan! We'll be sure to follow up with you upon your return.