Room 4 delivers good wishes for mothers' day through service learning

05/09/19 11:09:pm
| Category: Service Learning

The bags contained items for personal and infant care, and were lovingly assembled by the Room 4 team with the help of their teachers Julie Leavitt, Sandra Cortez, Morgan Auerbach, and Karissa Royster, Service Learning leads Connie Chiu and Brittani Fowlin, and parents Kelli Kirkland and Lauren Lake. Room 4 also made personal mothers' day cards to go along with each kit.

"This was inspired by last year's successful mothers' day drive spearheaded by the Lake/Woods family in Room 3/Second Grade," shared Kirkland. "The Room 4 students were able to experience what it means to personally and intentionally invest in community members in need."

On Saturday, students CJ W., Apollo P., and their families will deliver the bags to area shelters.

"Doing the service learning project gave students the chance to unlearn some of their initial stereotypes about homelessness, what it means when it happens, what it may look like, etc." observed Chiu.

Fowlin added that the classes spent two days during community time learning about the homeless community in Los Angeles to help inform their service learning initiative. Service learning is a core component of Mirman's curriculum. As noted by Kirkland, "When our children combine intelligence and empathy, they can impact the world in the most positive ways."