A Science Fair Raised to the Power of Mirman

03/26/21 10:59:pm
| Category: Science

On Wednesday, March 24, Dr. Andrea Peoples Marwah, Ms. Stephanie Braun, and Ms. Elizabeth Lipshutz hosted Mirman's very first Virtual Science Fair. The event featured almost seventy Zoom break-out rooms over four rounds of US2 and US3 student presentations. After months of testing hypotheses, surveying, experimenting, observing, gathering data, and analyzing results, the students presented their scientific questions, processes, and conclusions over the course of this culminating evening. Their inquiries spanned a wide variety of topics, from the natural and social sciences to health, sports, economics, technology, the arts, and more.

Interested in learning which hand sanitizer is the most effective? Talk to Isabelle F. Trying to perfect your free throw? Maddex K. has some research-backed tips to share. Lilly S. dove into the impact of ocean acidification on endangered marine populations in her study, while Avery P. and Nikki D. looked at social media's effect on adolescent females. Recognizing an increase in leftover take-out food in his refrigerator throughout the pandemic, Jackson S. set his sights on finding the Ziploc container that best inhibits mold growth and preserves freshness. You'll have Jasper H. to thank when you hear the pleasing sounds of his drum set at Mirman's Combo Band's next performance. He painstakingly researched the most common tuning preferences for drum heads.

Details on these and the other amazing Science Fair projects can be viewed on the Science Fair website. Congratulations to all of our burgeoning young researchers, scientists, and analysts, and special thanks to our US Science teaching team who have ensured that the spirit of scientific discovery, independent inquiry, responsibility, and resilience is alive and well at Mirman!