Service Learning crew collects backpacks, supplies for Sylvan Park

10/12/18 09:55:pm
| Category: Service Learning

"We hosted a "Back to School" drive for Sylvan Park as an opportunity to help prepare their students for the school year," said Brittani Fowlin, one of the staff leads of Service Learning at Mirman. "We asked for donations of backpacks, lunch bags and socks, which were requested by the Principal. Sylvan Park now has a parent resource center, where they gave items out accordingly based on need."

The Room 4 students on hand were clearly excited at the prospect of sharing the backpacks and other goodies with their Sylvan Park counterparts. In all, they collected and packaged over 30 lunch bags, more than 70 backpacks, and a great deal of socks!

As you can see, the students of Sylvan Park enjoyed the items as well once Ms. Fowlin and others dropped them off.

"Throughout the year, we will create opportunities to visit, learn from and connect with the students and community at Sylvan Park," said Ms. Fowlin. "They are less than 7 miles away and have been a staple in the Van Nuys community for almost 100 years. We have a lot to learn from their community and student population as well."