Spring sports wrap up their season in style!

06/06/17 06:58:pm
| Category: Athletics

(Pictured above: Upper School 1 Girls Volleyball)

Room 4 Girls Gray Volleyball — Coach Coleman and the girls had an exciting season. They learned a lot about the game of volleyball and each player helped the team in her own special way. Our girls finished their season undefeated (7-0) and had an amazing journey. They played great and they all improved on their skills and worked very well with each other. The parental support was awesome throughout the season.

Room 4 Girls Navy Volleyball — The girls finished their season 2-2 with a great final game. It has been a pleasure coaching such a great team of girls. The coaches were so proud of our effort, energy and sportsmanship this season.

Room 4 Girls Royal Volleyball — The girls ended their season with 3 wins and only one loss and ended the season on a high note. They learned how to breathe through their serves and get low under the ball to pass.

Room 5 Blue Girls Volleyball — The girls played hard and showed good sportsmanship in defeat. The coaches are so proud of the energy and competitive spirit of the team.

US1 Girls Volleyball — We played 4 games this season, and learned how to pass the ball, trust our teammates and be the best version of ourselves. Our communication got clearer and stronger in every set. This developmental season yielded 2 sets won out of 10 sets played.

US2 Girls Volleyball — We had our best communication, teamwork, and encouragement during our final game of the season. The ladies worked hard to pick up tough serves and even threw in some plays. They grew so much as a team.

Room 4 Boys Gray Soccer — The boys finished their season 1-2-1. The team had a season full of emotions: they had fun, cried, and learned to respect the sport and their teammates. In the beginning of the season the boys were only beginning to understand the concept of positioning and game rules. Every game that took place, their coach saw a noticeable growth in the understanding of these concepts. They directed each other on the field and developed trust within their other teammates. Looking forward to another successful season next year!

Room 5 Boys Blue Soccer — What a great team to have coached! The boys finished their season 3-1-1. The unity amongst these players is something that put a smile on their coach's face after every game. They supported each other through thick and thin. They kept up with the toughest of teams and never gave up.

Room 5 Boys Silver Soccer — The only word to describe this team is dedication. These youngsters competed every practice and took the lessons and skills learned in practice and applied them to the game. After several tough losses, these young men still competed with enthusiasm and dignity. The end result of this dedication was a 2-1 victory at home to wrap up a wonderful season.

US1 Boys Soccer — This season, the boys really stepped it up! The communication shown during practice and during the game brought together the players so they competed as one against their opponents. We had some really tough schools to play against, and the Mustangs persevered. They were a very united group of players with a lot of potential, finishing their season 3-3.

US2 Boys Soccer — The boys finished the regular season 5-2. These young gentlemen played the game the way it is meant to be played, and that is with creativity and enthusiasm. These young men had crucial wins at key times to Secure a second place tournament seed. Unfortunately, after a fantastic performance on our home field against RIVAL Laurence we were unable to score a goal. We gave up a goal in the last two minutes and were unable to recover after that.

Track & Field — What an amazing year! We started off with a few wins at the Notre Dame and greatly progressed to an almost complete sweep at the Laurel Hall Hornet meet. We walked away with five first place trophies. We want to thank all the parents for their support and dedication. The track season was a phenomenal one!