'Stefanie' Saves the Day in a Magical Production

01/12/15 03:40:pm
| Category: Theatre Arts

Mirman School's Theatre Department presented the imaginative play 'Stefanie Hero' this past weekend! Check out a photo gallery and more program details below.

Directed by Mr. Jeff Maynard, our second US3 play of the year was a technically complex production. The set piece highlight was an enormous dragon puppet operated by a team of five. The cast and crew did a marvelous job!

So, who is Stefanie? As the legend goes...

Stefanie Hero is a magical story of a girl whose father goes off to be a hero and she is left to deal with everything else including an evil sorcerer, a dragon and a mysterious knight. Throw in some swans, and you're off on a most delightful journey in which Stefanie must conquer all the evils she faces. It's just not easy being a princess these days.

Bravo to the cast and crew!


Stefanie ... Eva W.

The Scarlet Knight ... Nick W.

Ian ... Jonah Stern

Zachary ... Weston K.

Matty ... Isadora K.

Debra ... Elle Nicoletti

Horace ... Kyle O.

Leopold ... Chris P.

Queen Harriet Ann ... Aoki S.

King Andrew ... Adam S.

Madame Zhanobia ... Emilynne N.

Sofron Isba ... Mila J.

The Players ... Alyssa K., Corey M., Miles R., Ben S., Grace Z.


Theatre Guild ... Brenda Slaughter Reynolds, Cary Bickley, Clarissa Coyoca,

Make-Up ... Ava D., Stephanie Gower-Samples

Hair ... Ava D., Millie Friedman

Sound Board Operator ... Finn W.

Stage Manager ... Jason G.

Lighting Board Operator ... Natasha K.

Follow Spot Operator ... Josh L.

Run Crew ... Oscar M., Elena S., Aiden T., Sinclaire L.

Costume Crew ... Alyssa Kam

Program Cover Design ... Aoki S.