Transitions Panel for Seniors

05/30/18 06:24:pm
| Category: Alumni
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The Transitions Panel for Seniors program was a great opportunity for the 2018 senior class to spend an afternoon hearing from a small group of alumni of all different ages/life stages. They came back to campus to speak about their experiences after leaving Mirman. The conversation was an active dialogue between our seniors and our special guest panelists.

Their stories, advice, and insight will help our seniors prepare for the next phase of their academic and social lives. The students were inspired by their time with our alumni. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to this year's alumni panelists: Meeryo Cho '81-88, Alex Mitchell '87-'92, Joshua Bauer '87-'93, Jordan Liu '95-'04, Nicole Haley Cohen '02-'10, and Jake F. '10-'17.

If you're interested in volunteering with the alumni community, please reach out to the alumni office!