Upper School Science Fair Winners Announced

05/06/15 02:02:pm
| Category: Science

Last week, Mirman's Upper School students put on an amazing display of innovation and hard work during the 2015 Science Fair! Congratulations to all the participants and thank you to US Science teacher Norm Brennan for his expert instruction and stewardship of the annual event.

With judging complete, we can announce that these projects have been selected to represent Mirman School at the Los Angeles County Science Fair on March 26-28:

Team Projects

Sabina Y. (US3) and Aoki L. (US3) – Brace Boost

Annie B. (US3) and Alyssa K. (US3) – Acne Attack!

Angela L. (US2), Christina L. (US2), and Samantha M. (US2) – H2O: Hope to Others. The Bioremediation of Water Using the Plants M. oleifera and C. sativum.

Individual Projects

David D. (US4) – Are “Non-GMO” Foods Really GMO-Free?

Anthony K. (US4) – Colors Worth Dyeing For…

Madeleine M. (US2) – That’s Going to Leave a Mark!

Jahan R. (US3) – PyroVision: A Detection System for Wildfires

We're also pleased to share video of US3 student Finn W.'s project, called "Helping Hand." Finn worked to prototype a device that will eventually allow the user to manipulate objects in a virtual environment, potentially aiding those suffering from PTSD and other ailments to get re-acclimated to their world.