US4 Students Forge New Bonds at the Children's Institute

03/14/16 07:03:am
| Category: Upper School

Recently, the Upper School 4 class participated in a service learning opportunity with Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII). CII works to heal the lives of children and families who have suffered trauma by providing myriad types of support.

Our seniors worked with forty-five 3-5 year-olds in the Otis Booth Early Education Program, and engaged the students in an art project, games, and reading circles. We are looking forward to partnering with CII at the upcoming Mirman Helping Hands Event on May 26, when our US4 students will have the opportunity to create notes, art, and beaded bracelets for their preschool buddies. The CII staff shared how impressed they were with our Mirman students and let us know that this experience will leave an imprint on both the hearts and minds of these CII preschoolers for a long time to come!

Mila J. (US4), says:

"It was truly an honor working with such amazing kids who deserve so much. I loved seeing their little faces light up and I had such a wonderful time. I hope to go back soon again to work with them. CII is an amazing institute and I find it so beautiful that they care so much about these kids and always try and make their futures as bright as possible. It was so much fun and I was so, so, so happy to be there. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity!"