A very special author visit

11/14/17 03:17:pm
| Category: Lower School

Inspired by the motivational speaker and businessman Tony Robbins, Levy shared that her book, "What Would Danny Do?" is really about the power of each person to make his or her own choices in life. "Wouldn't it be amazing if we could teach kids about the power to choose?" she asked before delving into her creative process, which included buying a sketchbook at Target, writing the text for each page, and working with an illustrator and editor to refine the product. She also put together a gift bag with writing implements and artistic tools, so that the kindergarteners and first graders she spoke to could "be their own little authors and write their own little books."

Levy's visit is one of many occasions prompted by the use of the Writing Workshop across the Lower School, a methodology which has students constantly engaging with the process and products of writing at all levels.