Women in STEAM 2019 was a perfect way to celebrate Womens' History Month

04/04/19 07:32:pm
| Category: News

Nearly 40 speakers spanning careers as diverse as aerospace to orthopedics came to campus to participate in Women in STEAM, the biennial all-day special event celebrating achievements of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Mirman parents, faculty, and even alumnae came to speak at the event, which spanned a full day of workshops and activities in both Lower and Upper School.

"Today, we look to these presenters to inspire us as they talk about the lessons they learned about how to make a difference — from their own classrooms to the world," said Head of School Dan Vorenberg in his introduction.

One such woman in STEAM on campus for the day was Jocelyn Balaban, a former Mirman educator and administrator, who originated the event over a decade ago. She had brought students from her current school, Nasri Academy for the Gifted in Las Vegas, to join in on the day's activities. "I'm really happy to see this program still going," said Ms. Balaban, noting the warm welcome she received from former colleagues and students alike.

Moving from room to room, there were no two lessons alike — Kindergarteners performed surgical cuts on bananas in one room under the tutelage of a renowned plastic surgeon, while across campus young toy makers tried their hand at toy making. Both divisions enjoyed an inspiring talk from Helena Samsio, the founder and CEO of GLOBHE, who spoke about using drone technology to change the world. In the afternoon, while Upper Schoolers enjoyed more STEAM-related LEAP classes, Lower Schoolers rotated through a series of activities including rocketry, catapult making, and more.

Click here to view the full program, and watch some of our intrepid student journalists interview our guests below in the "On the Blue Carpet" segment!