Your Spanish teacher for the day: Ms. D

09/28/16 03:25:pm
| Category: Celebrations

As part of our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at Mirman, Ms. Molero and her students had some special plans for today's school-wide assembly.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Mirman School song, and a rousing round of our happy birthday tune, Darya G. from Room 3 took the stage. As Spanish teacher for the day, "Ms. D." was responsible for leading her schoolmates through our physical activity. After the assembly, she also co-taught a class with Ms. Molero and was invited to enjoy lunch in the teachers' lounge.

As you can see, everyone was getting into the groove dancing like ducks (or, in the spirit of Hispanic Heritage Month, bailando como patos!)

Dancing like ducks! from Mirman School on Vimeo.

From September 15 to October 14, students at Mirman School have been practicing their Spanish during lunchtime by speaking with volunteer servers in Spanish. During class time, students have been learning about the rich cultural tapestry that stretches across countries and continents in the Hispanic diaspora. And on October 14, a special assembly will be conducted featuring colorful characters, costumes and flags from all around the world!